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About Us


The 2nd Guards Rifle Division is a reenactment group who represent the Red Army of the Great Patriotic War - 1941 - 1945. The unit has been established for over twenty years and has a strong growing membership and attend quality shows.  The 2nd Guards Rifle Division is the single largest Red Army re-enactment group in the UK and Europe, and probably in the western world, who boast over 60 participating members!   We participate in a number of Living History events at military shows nationwide throughout the year. Much of the uniforms and equipment items are of original Soviet issue in order to maintain a high level of authenticity, and new members are given advice on acquiring uniforms and equipment from a number of sources including from our own Quartermaster.


Get Involved

We attend events all over the UK check out our events calendar and come and see us.We also run a forum for our members so you can ask questions and sign up for forth coming events. You can find our forum at http://2ndguardsforum.forumotion.com/